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你认为1 + 1=0是正确的?据XOR的逻辑,这是正确的。 新的,令人费解的,最小的益智游戏,数十水平和超乎寻常的设计。 特征: • 88心灵弯曲的水平 • 11种语言 • 独家的iOS和人类大脑 跟着我: • https://www.facebook.com/gamebra.inGame • https://twitter.com/gamebra_in

Love card games? Astraware Solitaire is a great collection of 12 of the most popular single player card games. It includes Klondike (also known simply as Solitaire), Pyramid, Spider, Clock, Yukon, Canfield, Four Seasons, Sultan's Harem, Idiot's Delight, Golf, Calculation, and Freecell, each with custom gameplay options so you can play using your favorite variation on the standard rules. Features include: - Golden Trophy Deck awards - win the golden cards during play and once the whole deck is unlocked, use it to play with! - Play in portrait or landscape mode - Play with your own rules, turn off hints or auto-moves using the 'Customize' option when you start a new game - Many decorative backgrounds to choose from, or use your own photos - Wide choice of card backs, or choose your own pictures! - Choice of card fronts including extra clear card faces for visibility - Detailed game statistics including how long you've played and how often you win - Game options for smart assistance - play with one-touch help, or drag and drop the cards yourself - it's your choice! - Game auto saves your progress - Guaranteed solvable games for the puzzle settings you choose! --------------------------------------- "Astraware Solitaire provides a very customizable and enjoyable gaming experience... jump on this one... You will not be disappointed." - GearDiary.com "Combining 12 of the most popular games with nice animation and unlockables makes Astraware Solitaire stand out from the bunch." - PixelatedGeek.com --------------------------------------- Astraware Solitaire is free to play, supported by adverts (which you can choose to watch in advance to earn 'Hearts' to use for playing games), or choose the single in-app purchase to Go Deluxe and play ad-free permanently!

Get 4 models and 3 landscapes with this value pack edition of our Absolute RC Heli Sim, for big savings compared to buying them one by one. In addition to the included content, you can still buy extra models if needed. As free bonus, we added free coaxial helicopter and fast RC boat. This Professional RC Helicopter Simulator is a must have for anyone flying RC. The models fly like real RC helicopters, and can be used to learn to fly and to improve your flying. A lot of fun for not much money! Any helicopter crash cost many times more, and you will be able to fly in the rc simulator no matter what is the weather outside! The app is based on our well known ClearView RC Flight Simulator for PC. The program includes four models: Blast CX - beginner coaxial model, self leveling and stable, good for making your first steps. Twister Coast Guard - scale coaxial model, for beginner to intermediate flyer. TRex 450 - collective pitch electric helicopter. Very hard to learn, if you fly this one, you can fly them all. We have included beginner setup, in addition to settings for intermediate and advanced 3d fliers. C46 Sea Knight - twin rotor scale electric helicopter with collective pitch. It is a big model that flies in scale like fashion. The program includes 3 flying fields: Osage Park Tangamanga Island Fliers The program includes 3 interactive object sets that can be loaded on any flying field. The interactive objects can be used for learning landing and precise model control. In addition to the fixed point camera that represents the RC pilot point of view, we have included follow up camera that allows for walking behind the model. That is useful when you just start, so the model never gets away. Please try our full featured professional RC flight simulator ClearView for PC here: http://rcflightsim.com Notes: 1. This is not a game. You are controlling flying RC models that reacts like real flying models. It takes some time to learn, and again, do not expect "arcade" style controls. 2. The onscreen control sticks are just indicators! They are made small so they do not obscure the screen. *** You do not need to keep your fingers on them *** Sliding your finger anywhere on the right screen half affects the right control stick , the same for the left screen part - sliding finger there moves the left control stick. We suggest selecting beginner settings at first few days before you can comfortably progress further.

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优秀的BADLAND动作冒险类游戏——争夺年度最佳游戏大奖,谋求更好的发展与生存模式 玩家人数超过6,500万,并且还在持续增加中!在83个国家中名列第一! 年度最佳游戏! 年苹果设计奖得主! 全球苹果机游戏开发者的选择! 5/5 - AppSmile 4/4 – Slide to Play 5/5 - AppSpy 5/5 – Apple’N'Apps 9/10 - Destructoid 4.5/5 - TouchArcade “BADLAND(迷失之地)是一个令我们爱不释手的精彩游戏”——AppSmile“ “BADLAND(迷失之地)独特的大气效果游戏性能使它成为了玩家下载游戏时的必选之作”——Slide to Play “BADLAND(迷失之地)不仅画面美观,玩起来也是一种绝对享受”——AppSpy“ “BADLAND(迷失之地)无疑是年度最佳iOS游戏之一”——Multiplayer.it “这是iOS带给玩家的最佳体验之一”—— Apple’N'Apps “这是体现卓越品质的一款游戏”——Destructoid 年度最佳游戏 年苹果设计奖得主 年北欧游戏Nordic Indie Sensation Award奖得主 Game Connection Europe最佳项目冠军 Game Connection Europe的SCEE奖得主 PAX 10的精选独立游戏 BADLAND(迷失之地)是一款备受赞誉的动作冒险平台游戏,拥有大气效果这一独特的游戏性能。故事发生在一座美丽的森林里,这里充满了各种各样的生物、树木和花草。虽然这座森林看起来就像童话故事中描述的那样美丽,但其中似乎隐藏着危险。由玩家控制森林中的一种生物来一探究竟。旅途中,他遇到了许许多多不可思议的陷阱和阻碍。 BADLAND(迷失之地)采用基于物理机制的创新型玩法,结合带有大气效果的绝美图案和声音,将横向卷轴模式推向了一个新的水平。 BADLAND(迷失之地)还颇具独创性地支持最多4位玩家使用同一台设备进行多人游戏。在多人模式中,为了生存,玩家可以不择手段。只要能保全自己,完全可以将你的对手推到旋转的圆锯上。 - 单人模式设有100+个非常独特的关卡 - 支持多达四个玩家的合作模式 * 修改后的单人战斗模式中,可与朋友们激烈厮杀,一较高低 - 多人模式最多可支持4位玩家使用同一台设备游戏,共设30+关,更多关卡会在后续的更新中提供 - 直观的一键式控制,关卡设计新颖 - 关卡编辑器:创建关卡、分享并游戏! * 从头开始或修改官方关卡 - 关卡世界:随时都有新关卡等待您 * 在http://forum.badlandgame.com与其他关卡创作者探讨、分享诀窍并观看关卡制作教程 - 带给玩家身临其境般的游戏视听体验 - 支持iCloud(玩家的游戏进度可在所有关联的iOS设备之间同步) - 支持iOS 7 游戏控制器 -更多关卡和内容将在更新中呈现 关注我们: Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/badlandgame Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/badlandgame 博客 - http://www.badlandgame.com

SoS: Snake on a Sphere :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Guide the snake, let her eat, and see it grow! A story mode and a infinite race mode! Clear the story mode and use the hints within the game to unlock 3 different game modes. More info: * http://snake.endavid.com/

Whoami es un test psicológico basado en Rorschach y teoría de los temperamentos. Si bien cada persona es diferente, compartimos características particulares que nos familiarizan unos con otros, la teoría de los temperamentos plantea que biológicamente nacemos predispuestos a responder de cierta manera al mundo que nos rodea y que conforme crecemos y según en el entorno en que nos educan, nos forman un carácter determinado. Esta teoría es una teoría de rasgos fundamentales de personalidad. Los temperamentos básicos son sanguíneo, melancólico, colérico y flemático. Para determinar que tipo de personalidad es la nuestra, el test está basado en el trabajo sobre manchas de tinta y su posible interpretación de Rorschach.

纸盘手工简单而又充满乐趣。 在Labo纸盘这款应用里,小朋友可以学习如何使用纸盘制作一些简单有趣的手工(动物、乐器、汽车等等),并和自己做好的手工进行互动和游戏。应用包含了15款手工教程和互动游戏。 [视频]:http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTMwNzk2NjE5Ng==.html 这款应用适合3-7岁的小朋友。 特点: 1、15个纸盘手工教程,制作拼装过程简单有趣,教程包括:狗、母鸡、鸭子、乐器、汽车、大象、青蛙、小怪兽、企鹅、猪等。 2、可对制作好的手工进行着色,精选了11种颜色; 4、14款有趣的互动游戏; 5、制作好的手工可以保存到图库。 - 关于我们 我们是一个专注于开发提高孩子的创造力和想像力的应用的小团队,我们不收集任何个人信息或包括任何第三方广告。欲了解更多信息,请参阅我们的隐私政策: http://www.labolado.com/apps-privacy-policy.html 。 加入我们的Facebook的:https://www.facebook.com/labo.lado.7 关注我们的微博:https://twitter.com/labo_lado 支持网站: http://www.labolado.com - 反馈 希望你能在AppStore中上评价我们的的应用,也可以用电子邮件给我们反馈:app@labolado.com。 - 需要帮助 联系我们24/7有任何问题或意见:app@labolado.com。

METACRITIC User Score: 7.7 / 10 - "FLOCK OF BIRDS GAME" is the biggest challenge to your skill - Beat with a flock of birds divided the 48 levels available in 3 different stages: Sea, Jungle and Desert - Detailed graphics and fun animations - Control your flock of birds moving your iPhone (The game uses the accelerometer. You have to put your iPhone horizontally) - Handles up to 4 birds simultaneously to overcome the different levels - Take on a wide variety of enemies - Help your flock of birds to reach their destination overcoming 48 Challenges of 30 seconds each - Each level is a new challenge - 100% FREE ADVERTISING - There are NO SHOPPING within THE APPLICATION - Intuitive and nice design - Music and sound effects fun and quality - No load times between levels and stages - No need internet connection to play - Game to 60 fps - "FLOCK OF BIRDS GAME" is PURE FUN Do you consider skilful? Prove it! :)

▶游戏简介 这个塔防游戏太刺激了!太刺激了!太刺激了!重要的事只说三遍^_^ 大型经典3D二战坦克塔防手游强势来袭。动态光影的逼真画面,个性化的独特玩法,注重战术的操作体验,爆屏打击的畅快感受,通关需要高超的技巧。马上下载,碾压你的对手吧! ▶游戏特色 【还原二战知名兵器】 豹式、虎式、鼠式坦克、强虎突击炮、B-25轰炸机、V1飞弹等多国知名二战武器100%还原。 【还原二战著名战役】 玩家历经敦刻尔克大撤退,北非阿拉曼战役,斯大林格勒保卫战和阿登反击战,指挥盟军粉碎德军的进攻。 【火爆的战斗画面】 基于Game Objects引擎打造端游画质,动态光影烘托更加真实的战场体验,让您身临其境。 【高度可交互的战场】 场景中的任何非玩家目标如房屋、树木等都可摧毁,并且获得奖励。

Wellboy 通用 ¥ 6.0

What can you do if you have your head in the clouds and you fall down a well, because you even forget to look where you are going? Keep on smiling and hold on tighter to your balloon like brave little Wellboy!