¿QUIERES SER UN BUEN 132? LUCHA CONTRA LAS AMENAZAS DEL DIA A DIA, COMO TODO UN VALIENTE MEXICANO. Juego que simpatiza con el movimiento 132. Con los primeros 4 niveles de entrenamiento aprenderás desde como evitar spots desinfomativos de los partidos políticos, cómo alimentarte para la marcha, evitar distracciones (tv duo-polizada, mala prensa, edecanes voluptuosas, futbol) y por último para ser todo un 132 aprenderás a esquivar las provocaciones y difamaciones de los poderosos que luchan a toda costa para mantener sus privilegios. En la batalla final sin límite de tiempo pondrás a prueba todas las habilidades obtenidas, las amenazas pondrán a prueba tu agilidad mental. Recuerda: aliméntate bien y captura libros que te darán poder, úsalo tocando la pantalla para eliminar de golpe a las amenazas que te acorralan. Advertencia: Cualquier parecido con la realidad es mera coincidencia. IMPORTANTE: * Esta App es apartidista no promueve ni agrede a ninguno de los candidatos, ni partido político, pero si comparte los valores del movimiento Yo Soy 132.

"Remembary is a great iPad journal app" - AppAdvice.com *** Featured in "New and Notable" and "What's Hot" in the Canadian and Worldwide App Stores. *** *** One purchase gives you all application functionality. All features, all themes, all fonts. No time limits, no hidden charges, no in-app purchase, no advertising. *** *** 7+ years in the App Store and planning to stay for many more *** Remembary is the personal diary app for iOS that enhances your journal by automatically capturing your social media presence, photos, and calendar events - and organizing it all by day to give you an instant context for each diary entry. If you have geotagged photos or tweets, it even builds a map of each day. Remembary also includes dozens of high-resolution themes and scalable fonts to provide a distinct personal diary experience for every kind of user. - A full-featured personal journal, easy to navigate and intuitive to use. - Use any font available on your device at any size that's best for you. Special fonts include vintage typewriters, cursive - and even Jane Austen's authentic handwriting! - Choose from 20 high-resolution themes, including "Nocturne" and "Lights Out" designed specifically for writing your diary at night in the dark without dazzling your eyes. - Remembary automatically fetches your tweets, Facebook statuses, calendar events, and up to 5 RSS feeds, and instantly adds entries to the correct days in your journal. Tap on any item to copy it directly it into your diary entry - a quick way to "write" what happened that day. - Searches iCloud Photo Library and includes pictures and videos from each day - any pictures or videos from ANY day EVER. You can favourite your pictures from directly in the app. - Automatically generates a map for your day based on your photos and tweets. You can share your maps on Facebook or Twitter, to share with the world where you've been. - Your diary is private. All data is stored locally and nothing is shared (unless you want to). You can even lock your diary with a password - and provide a hint in case you forget. - Supports your device's built-in Twitter, Facebook, Photo, and Calendar accounts on first launch - no extra configuration required. - Bulk download your entire Facebook post history and up to 3500 of your past tweets per Twitter account. - Every page includes a word count, so you can see how much you're writing. - Search in real time through all of your journal entries. - Calendar view shows at a glance which days have entries and which don't. - Quick jump navigation to any date, 1 year in past or future - or even to a random entry! - Export your journal by day/month/year/all in plain text or data format, and send it via email and DropBox. You can import your exported data back again, too.

Tired of always doing the same routine in the gym? With Random Workout Builder, you will have a new workout waiting for you with just the tap of a button. Random Workout Builder is focused on providing you with workout routines and exercises for workout parameters that you specify. Random Workout Builder will keep your muscles guessing as you are constantly switching up your training with different movements and routines. Random Workout Builder is not just for the experienced gym goer it's for everyone! Random Workout Builder comes equipped with many video demonstrations showing you how to properly perform different exercises. With it's simple and easy to use interface, jump right in and generate some workouts for your week. Random Workout Builder Features: Random Workout Generator: Building a workout is simple. You set what muscle group and exercise type you are interested in and Random Workout Builder will create a workout for you based on your parameters. Custom Exercise Creator: You can create and save your own custom exercises. Once these exercises are saved, they can also be added to random workouts. Workout Walkthrough: The workout walkthrough feature allows you to go through each exercise in your workout. Many exercises come equipped with a demonstration video showing you exactly how a particular movement should be performed. Exercise Library: The exercise library comes packed full of exercises waiting to be added to your workouts. Many exercises come included with video tutorial demonstrations.

This is the paid version with no in-app purchases. Designed for educational institutions. Welcome to a new world of flash cards! AR Flashcards make learning fun with Augmented Reality! In this addition children will have a blast learning their shapes and colors with the magic of augmented reality. AR Flashcards are a new way to interact and make flash cards more entertaining for toddlers and preschoolers. With AR Flashcards, learning is fun! When you point your device at the printed flash card a beautifully rendered 3D animal with a shape will pop up on the screen. Tap the sound button to hear the shape name. Features: - 10 beautifully rendered 3D models pop up to help your toddler or preschooler learn their colors and shapes! - Tap the screenshot button to save your pics of the beautiful AR animals! - Double tap the screen to bring up the focus button so that you can adjust your device's camera to better bring up the models. - You can print out the flash cards or if you own two iOS devices you can access the flash cards from within the app in a beautiful swipeable gallery! In this addition children will have a blast learning their shapes and colors with the magic of augmented reality. *Note* You must visit http://www.arflashcards.com/ to download and print the free Flashcard Markers necessary to make this app work. The flash cards will work in color and black/white. This app will only work on devices with a camera.

Behind every great filmmaker is a great slate clapper. This app applauds you. Solid tool for every filmmakers toolkit, featuring: - Time of Day timecode - 23.97 to 60 fps - Tap to Edit Scene Settings

** INTERPOLATION ** Interpolation is used to calculate a linear or a quadratic interpolation.

脉诊是通过按触人体不同部位的脉搏,以体察脉象变化的切诊方法。又称切脉、诊脉、按脉、持脉。脉象的形成与脏腑气血密切相关,若脏腑气血发生病变,血脉运行就会受到影响,脉象就有变化。脉诊在临床上,可推断疾病的进退预后。临床上主要掌握脉诊的时间、病人的体位,我国古代医学在诊断疾病方面采用的脉诊,是一项独特诊法脉,是中医“四诊”(望、闻、问、切)之一,也是辨证论治的一种不可少的客观依据。 【软件说明】 1、列出了28张脉象图片,让你容易区别和掌握脉象的特点与疾病的关系; 2、详细说明了各种脉象的异同点; 3、是一个方便携带的医学手册; 4、同时支持iPad/iphone 设备; 5、适合中医学院的教师、学生、医院医务工作者、注重养生保健的人士。

Advanced car digital dashboard combining map, routing, tracking, photo and speed cameras functionality wrapped into nicely polished 3D user interface. Key features: - HUD MODE - ROUTING AND DRIVING INSTRUCTIONS - EDITABLE FIXED AND REDLIGHT SPEED CAMERAS DATABASE - UNIQUE COMBINED SPEED, LOCATION and ALTITUDE 3D LOG GRAPH - SHORT-TIME WEATHER FORECAST - IPOD PLAYLIST REMOTE CONTROL - PHOTO CAMERA WITH IMAGE MARKING aSmartHUD visualizes your - current and average speed - time - elapsed trip time - heading - altitude - distance/time to stored Home location - distance to the trip starting point - maximum reached speed, altitude and distance to starting point for the current trip and all the trips your ever did, - current playing music track - weather forecast for nearest 48 hours the with 3-hour time interval. Also it shows - positions of the nearest known speed cameras - color coded distance to the nearest known speed camera and it's speed limit, if known; The fixed cameras database includes an information about speed cameras in - Europe (whole EU) - USA - Canada - Australia - New Zealand - Brazil - South Africa - Singapore - United Arab Emirates - Taiwan - HongKong - Kuwait - Russia - Thailand You can edit the database by adding or removing the speed cameras and set cameras speed limit. NOTE: It's not guaranteed all speed cameras in your area are included into the database. However, we will release database updates right after the new information will become available. - You can create and save the driving routes to follow them later. Application will display your current position on the route and display the route on the map. 
Every route is saved in the application database, so you don't need to re-create it every time application starts up. - Tapping the "HUD" icon mirrors all the text, so if you position the iPhone horizontally under your car's windscreen you can see perfectly readable half-transparent reflection of the picture displayed. 
Note: this mode works pretty well at night time and twilight, but on direct sunlight the screen brightness can be insufficient. - aSmartHUD can keep track on 4 speed limits, giving a warning each time you crossing it. Normally, it's legal speed limits within cities, local roads and high-speed motorways. "Never exceed speed" is the speed you should not exceed under any conditions. Like technical limit of your vehicle or the point where government can arrest your driving license. - 3D Trip Log Graph - unique way to represent the speed, location and altitude data in a single 3D graph. Color coded speed and altitude chart is constantly adjusted according to your moving trajectory. In Track Preferences, you can set the transparency of all the components of the chart or switch them off completely. - Apple and OpenStreet maps in several flavors and color modes. - Landscape and portrait screen modes. - "Records" screen, with maximum reached speed, altitude and distance from start. - Different measurement units, display color schemes (6 available), log type, sounds and more. - Select the music iPod Playlist, pause, play, skip or rewind it's items, set the player in Shuffle or Repeat mode. - Advanced location Info (longitude and latitude, GPS measurement precision) and more. - Local weather forecast; IMPORTANT: this features list in not complete. Please visit the product page for more info! Thanks to everyone for your suggestions about additional functionality! THE BEST AND FASTEST WAY TO CONTACT US IS SENDING YOUR REQUESTS AND BUG REPORTS to support@atoll-ordenadores.com. WE ARE REALLY INTERESTED IN DIALOG, what is not possible when you leaving the bug-report as AppStore review.

没时间去医院?想知道身体不适到底严不严重?想查询靠谱的医院?想了解保健品有没有用?健康上的问题,找「丁香医生」解决。 「丁香医生」可以给你提供的功能和信息:帮你查找疾病信息,找到附近的药店;提醒你按时用药;扫一扫条形码,用药更安全;遇到不明白的地方,还有三甲医院医生在线解答你的疑惑。 「丁香医生」由中国最大的面向医生的专业性社会化网络「丁香园」出品,现有上百万人在使用丁香园提供的安全可靠的医疗信息服务,安装「丁香医生」,你可以: 1. 获得强大的「一站式」医药信息服务: * 咨询医生:身体不舒服,随时随地咨询专业医生; * 搜疾病:获得可靠的疾病诊疗信息,通俗易懂的科普文章教你预防疾病、养成健康的生活方式; * 搜药品:详尽的药品说明书,孕妇和婴幼儿用药禁忌,拿到药盒「扫一扫」,使用药品更安全; 2. 小毛小病,何必东奔西跑: * 搜医院:为你推荐最靠谱的医院和科室,不用纠结该去哪家医院、什么科室; * 附近药店:帮你找到最近的药房,「家庭药箱」常备,家人健康无忧。

The app allows you to view your Google photos and upload photos Features: - View your Google photo albums - Cache photos in an album - View album photos on map view - Show a geo-tagged photo's map location - View a album photo Exif info if available + Batch upload photos to an existing album Support email: apps.yunhe@gmail.com Note: - You need an authorized (username & password) account to view your photo albums - The app is not developed by Google. - If you don't allow the app to access the location info in photos & videos the first time, you won't be able to access your photo library. To solve the problem, go to Settings app => Location Services => Find Picasa app to enable location service so that you can load your photo library in the app.