NATIONAL FLAG TOUCH for iOS App Memory quiz National flag training time trial. The brain training application which memorizes the image of the national flag set and it discovers out of much national flag! The map about a capital or the center of administration is expressed as a clear page. I will collect the cleared national flag! 206-nation inclusion including the country which has few countries which get national recognition, or does not have them. - Memory quiz - Maintain the state in the world 206, the national flag of the area, and a horizontal-to-vertical ratio. - It is list-ization about the national flag of the cleared stage. - Map information and cooperation - The link to Wiki from a collection - Tweet function You will leave preliminary moves to every country in the world by WorldMap! The map about a capital or the center of administration is expressed as a clear page. You will collect the cleared national flag! - BGM which Sound of Love sends to you is "COSMOS." A spread of the universe is imagined. - A map and Wiki information are quoted from (c) Wikipedia. - After carrying out all the 206 stage clearances, new game mode appears. ------------------------------------------------- It is the quotation ~ from ~Applive printing report. you by whom the national flag is not memorized! the brain training which can study the national flag like a game -- an application -- recommendation point of the application of A check with a global map is possible in the position of a country simple and clear [ the rule of memorizing and discovering the national flag ], and intelligible. a place is also poured, boiled and memorized -- since the position of the national flag and a country is memorized, playing happily, it does not become pain -- how to play this application The idea of having promoted the simple study of "memorizing the national flag" to "the pleasant game" is an interesting application. Since the position of the form of the national flag, a color, and a country can be memorized, playing happily, it does not become pain at all. If the national flag is not kept in mind as the direction and general common sense that it is necessary to memorize the national flag by the test of geography or history, those who decided preparedness to be -- need to challenge. A rule is easy. "-- the national flag of a title -- the memorization -> -- the national flag of a title is discovered out of much national flag -- " -- what is said. In two distance of remembering the image which memorizes the national flag and of which & memory was done, the image of the national flag is firmly planted into your head. Since the position of a country can be checked with a global map if the right correct answer is drawn, if generous, let's also put the place of a country into the corner of the head in passing. They are means, even if it gives up and memorizes together with the friend of a class regardless of continuing stoically as an object for one persons. It may be interesting even if it fights [ Which discovers the national flag of a title previously? ]. Since the national flag is memorized happily, those who got interested need to touch.

LawStack's Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) in your pocket. Leave the heavy book at home. You should buy this app now. • Free trial for new users. Renew thereafter via in-app purchase. • Complete offline access. • Lightning fast browsing. • Killer full-text search. • Email sections to friends. • Header only search option. • Search results show path. • Search highlighting. • Saves location on application quit. • Bookmarks. Contents: • Title I • Title II • Title III • Title IV • Title V Comments or questions? Email us at ************************************************************ Disclaimer: The information in this app is not intended to replace official versions, is subject to revision, and should not be considered legal advice. Tekk Innovations LLC presents this information without warranties, express or implied, regarding accuracy, timeliness, or completeness. In addition, this disclaimer may change at anytime. When necessary, consult primary source material.

RoomScan 可以自动绘制平面图 - 您只需用电话触碰所有墙面即可! 请在购买前观看这些视频: “这款 app 太神奇了。 您只需贴几下墙面它就可以自动绘制平面图。” — LIFEHACKER “简单得难以置信,好用得无与伦比。” — HUFFINGTON POST “有了这款叫做 RoomScan 的 app,您的卷尺就可以扔了” — GIZMODO 如果需要协助,我们可以帮您。 点按 app 中的 ? 按钮来向我们发送电子邮件。 • 只需几秒平面图即会显现,包含大概的墙体长度和楼层面积。 • 与其他平面图 app 不同,RoomScan 处理形状复杂的房间也同样得心应手。 • 测量数据为大概值,舍入到最近的 10 厘米(或半英尺)处。 • 配合激光测距仪来使用 RoomScan 可快速绘制出超级精确的平面图。 只需轻按完成平面图上的某道墙并输入您的测量数据即可。 RoomScan 可以智能地将自己的测量数据和您的输入合并在一起来制作完美的平面图。 • 环绕房间时触碰门框即可添加门,还有多种门的类型可供选择。 • 房间可以自动连接在一起来创建整个楼层的平面图。 • 将您的平面图存储到相机胶卷(无需额外付费)或导出为 PDF、DXF for AutoCAD 和 SketchUp 格式文件。 存储为图像无需额外付费,但高级导出选项会象征性收费。 • 为平面图添加备注和照片 - RoomScan 甚至可以自动拍摄照片并将它们摆在正确的位置。 • 可为平面图选取自定义颜色。 • 测量单位包括公制、英尺、英寸以及东亚测量单位(坪 / つぼ / 평)。 有问题或者建议? 您在这里留下反馈之前,可以考虑给 发封邮件看看我们能不能帮帮您 美国专利 8868375 英国专利待决

DotPass is an app for generating and retrieving passwords. It lets you enter a graphical pattern using a 4x4 dot grid and a plain text seed word (like "facebook", "work email" or whatever makes sense to you), and then generates a password based on this unique combination. The idea is that these patterns and the plain seed words are much easier to remember than a good "random"-looking password. As long as you enter the same pattern and seed word the generator will always output the same password. But any change in either results in a completely different password. So you can decide on one pattern and reuse together with different seed words for different accounts, and get good different passwords for each account. As long as you remember the pattern you've chosen and the plain text seed words for your accounts, you can get your passwords back. But unlike other solutions your passwords are never stored on your device or sent over the net, so there is no password information in the app that can be stolen or lost. There is also a free macOS version of DotPass available in the Mac App Store. So you can easily access the same passwords on your mac as well. To make these passwords secure you must of course keep your pattern and seed words secret, just as you would with your password. If you are worried about someone looking over your shoulder you can use the extra privacy features in the app to hide the pattern, seed or password after entry. For added security the app automatically resets if left in the background more than a minute. For a more in-depth security discussion go to

在您的IPHONE/IPAD制作一个时尚素描本 任何时间都有设计点子如泉涌般涌出。让您形影随行的手机帮助您养成习惯立即纪录下您的设计点子。特别设计给谁是设计工作者/设计学生/ 设计天赋者,知道我们的点子不是只是描述出来,而是画出来! 版型 在我们的模板的说明下,您可以快速有效地完成您的时尚设计, 不用时时刻刻注意身体比例和标准尺寸。我们的模板已经开发了内部指南,为工具用户提供立即对称和飞镖定位的快速感应。所有范本均为3视图-(侧面,正面和背面)上。随时打开和关闭范本以查看您发展的点子。 一键式存储,发送或分享您的设计! 照片-À-TEMPLATE 您喜欢在照片上画画吗? 汇入一张照片并且将它当成预定版型的背景使用,记笔记,复制痕迹,添加信息.等等,这是您突飞猛进的最佳工具。 PUZZLE LOOK 很像用户的指导和爱的身体模板 Puzzle Look添加了各种时尚模板,专注于服装和外观,并 引入了一个新功能 装备和外观组合。 Puzzle Look 模板是技术图纸以我们的签名三路试图呈现放置在人物模板上。您可以使用它 们作为灵感,新草图的指南,或者简单地追钟它们,以便更熟悉线条并获得对绘图技巧的信 心。 PRÊT–À-影片 创建您的绘画开发视频,并在您的频道或社交媒体上分享。 真实的素描体验 使用Apple Pencil的受力点和在您的iPad PRO的高度敏感性,并惊艳我们的模拟画笔! 绘图工具 通过使用Prêt-à-Template App作为您的时尚素描,不需携带任何绘图用品。 随着一年的Prêt-à-Template订阅,您将有权使用所有的设计工具: -种时装范本(定期添加新范本) -尺 -剪刀 -橡皮擦 -裁缝线 - 标准色卡 - 肤色调色板 - 发色调色板 - 妆容调色板 -版型(定期添加新模块) 时尚设计合作 通过iMessage,您可以与您的联络人一起合作! 与联系人分享您已经开始的绘图,并一起努力开发。 这是时尚专业人士,以及教师和学生,交流和分享想法最佳工具。 你的IPAD + IPHONE=唯一的时尚草图板 只要有iCloud,你可以用同样的苹果账号在任何设备上登陆并同步你的设计。你可以在你的iPhone上开始创作并在iPad上完成创作,或者你也可以选择在你的iPad上进行创作并将完成品随时分享到你的iPhone上。 其他优点 - Prêt-à-Template是一个无限页面的素描本! - 不浪费纸张。 - 素描本一直在您身边:您甚至可以脱机使用它(仅在iCloud同步,PSD导出或共享的在线模式)。 - 绘制,重新设计和随时修改您想要的想法。 做一个您的绘图的副本,您可以修改它无限次,而不失去原来的想法。 - 导出图层以在Photoshop上继续绘制。 - 在Prêt-à-Template和其他应用程序之间划分您的iPad's PRO屏幕。 - 缩放功能提供了令人难以置信的细节体验(在纸上不能体验到的)。 - 易于存储,发送和共享。 学校方面/时尚课程和导师 Prêt-à-Template 应用程序也是一种教学工具:可随时取代教室黑板展示服装设计过程,你可以(通过VGA线)连接iPad到教室的投影机,并且介绍所有的设计过程(现场直播),同步显示给更大量的学生更细节的信息。 建议 - 使用手指或触控笔(非数字)。为获得逼真的绘画体验,请在iPad PRO上使用Apple Pencil 订阅费用与条款 - Prêt-à-Template 提供三个自动更新的订阅选项。 - 以上价格只针对美国顾客。其他国家/地区的价格可能会有所不同,实际费用可根据居住国的货币兑换率不同而有所差异。 - Prêt-à-Template在订阅到期之前将会自动续订,并且会通过与你iTunes账户绑定的信用卡上收费。您可以随时从iTunes帐户设置中关闭自动续订功能,但不会对任何已付款的尚未使用的期限提供退款。 -除非在订购期限结束前至少24小时关闭自动续订,你的帐户将在订阅期限结束前24小时之内被收取续费费用,并确定续订费用。 -购买成功后订阅可由用户自己管理,自动续订可在用户的帐户设置里进行关闭。 当用户订阅本产品时若有尚未使用完的免费试用期,订阅成功后该未使用的试用期将会失效。 Privacy Policy - Terms of Use -

Match 3 done different. Draw lines through gems to clear them and earn points. The more gems you link together, the more points you earn. You have to hold a balance between clearing long lines and making short combos. Longer lines will help you finish a level but making combos will make the progress bar drain slower. The aim is to score as many points as possible before the time runs out. There are power-ups to collect and you progress through the levels.

*** 3 million people can't be wrong : get your Dino Rush today! *** Game Features : • Endless running game • 3 game modes • 3 new cute characters to unlock • An x-mas theme to unlock • 5 different worlds to explore • Game Center leaderboards & achievements • Power-up shop (crazy pepper, death helmet, fruit magnet, ...) • Optimized for Retina displays & HD Retina displays ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Dino Rush is a hidden-gem that's definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of endless running titles and a refreshing take on a genre that seemed all but over-used” - App Spy “Dino Rush has a lot of potential, and is certainly one to keep an eye out for if you’re into distance running games” - The iPhone Life Magazine “Dino Rush is simply addictive” - Touch Reviews “Dino Rush is a fun, exiting, cute game that will keep you playing for days and days.” - Modmytech “Dino Rush is definitely a must have for any fan of endless running games” - The Game Trail “This is one of those titles which just puts a smile on your face and leaves it there” - Pocket Arcade ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ An egg has just hatched in prehistoric time and a small dinosaur has emerged… and he's hungry! Help Dundy the dinosaur make his way through tropical wildneress! Tap to get Dundy to jump over obstacles, predators, melting lava or even quicksand. Score by eating loads of fruit to help Dundy survive and reach for power-ups to give him special abilities. You can make Dundy fly, run, or even smash up adversaries… but whatever you do, remember to keep feeding him fruit along the way or he'll loose strenght and starve!! Both skill and determination will be needed to survive this fruitfull adventure. Boasting superb graphics, fantastic gameplay and great replay value, Dino Rush is an addictive and deliciously fun adventure for the whole family. So flex those fingers and get ready to save a dinosaur!

* 超过3,000,000人喜欢Simpler Pro :) 您的地址簿很乱? Simpler Pro将在几秒钟内修复! 主要功能 ○ 一键合并所有重复的联系人! ○ 强力搜索 ○ 保存您自己的联系人群组 ○ 快速群发短信和电子邮件 ○ 与同事、朋友和家人共享您的群组 ○ 一键备份联系人信息! ○ 快速找到想找的联系人 Simpler Pro是一款经彻底重新设计的联系人应用程序,可让您的地址簿更简洁明快。 简单合并重复项 ○ 一键合并所有重复的联系人! ○ 通过相似的名字查找及合并联系人。 ○ 通过重复的电话号码或电子邮件地址查找及合并联系人。 清理 ○ 移除没有名字的联系人 ○ 移除没有电话号码或电子邮件地址的联系人 备份 ○ 一键备份联系人信息! ○ 快速将备份导出至 Dropbox, Google Drive, 电子邮件 ○ 将联系人安全保存在云端! ○ 在任何移动设备上轻松恢复联系人! ○ 在帐户(Exchange, iCloud, Local Address Book)间移动联系人 群组 ○ 保存您自己的联系人群组 ○ 快速群发短信和电子邮件 ○ 与同事、朋友和家人共享您的群组 智能拨号器 ○ 用漂亮的拨号器打电话和添加新联系人 ○ T9拨号器——按姓名和号码快速搜索 ○ 快速找到想找的联系人 个人收藏 ○ 只需选择您收藏的联系人 ○ 一键:语音呼叫 / 文本 / FaceTime / 电子邮件 智能过滤器 ○ 快速找到想找的联系人 ○ 通过公司和职称筛选联系人 ○ 通过即将到来的生日和创建日期筛选联系人 支持15种不同的语言 English, Español, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Português (Br.), 中文 (Simplified), 中文 (Traditional), 日本語, 한국어, Nederlands, Русский, Türkçe, العربية, עברית Simpler Pro提供通讯录的无限备份 为更好地保护您的联系人,请打开Simpler Pro以保存联系人列表的每次变动,甚至可在您没有使用应用程序时进行记录。 Simpler Pro可供您还原任何移动设备上的联系人,费用为每年¥68.00并自动续订。 通过您的iTunes帐户向您的信用卡收取订购费。 除非在距当前订购期结束至少24小时前取消订购,否则会自动续订 在有效的订购期内无法取消订购。 您可以在购买后去帐户设置中管理订购。 使用条款: 隐私政策: 联系我们 如需任何支持,请随时联系我们: 我们的社区和团队都非常喜欢这款应用程序,希望您也会喜欢。立即下载并将您的想法告诉我们!

Happy Hints is an amazing new app that is destined to change the way we all think about how we live our everyday lives. Happy Hints has been designed around an eternal calendar. Every day for the rest of your life you will receive a positive message, beautifully presented. Each message has an expanded summary of that day’s affirmation. The message will be sent to your Apple device 3 times during the course of the day - morning, afternoon and evening. This will provide you with the opportunity to both absorb and more importantly apply the daily message. Happy Hints has been created for anyone looking to cultivate a happier frame of mind amidst the challenges of modern life. Sadly, we are all moving too quickly and barely have the time to process what we are thinking and feeling. This leaves most of us with a happiness deficit. So whether you are a busy executive burdened by the demands of meetings and deadlines, a mother managing a home and looking after your children or you are just trying to find ways of managing the stress of life in the 21st century then Happy Hints is definitely for you! The Happy Hints app also includes literally hundreds of audio-visual and written resources covering topics ranging from: how to manage anxiety, anger, depression and stress through to building self-confidence, developing a positive mental attitude and mindfulness tips. The beauty of this application is that it is simple to use and provides you with an encyclopedic resource at your fingertips.... which will serve up countless insights and invaluable inspirations when you most need them.  All the information is presented in an easily digestible format and you’ll soon find that Happy Hints will become an indispensable friend! We all have one thing in common.... our need to be happy. Happiness is a virtue, but it’s really important to understand that it is also a skill. A skill is something you can learn and develop and so happiness is something you can practise and the more you practise it the happier you will become. Why not let Happy Hints help you to do just that!

"If you work with adults on speech, this app is a very useful tool to add to your therapy toolbox." - Speaking of Apps Blog "This affordable app brings a novel way of carrying out pacing therapy for adult speech and language therapists." - Speech Language Solutions Blog "We love the app, and in all its simplicity, it is designed to make reading passages easier to read by a metronome along with visual cues." - iSpeakapp The Speech Pacesetter app is designed specifically for people who have imprecise articulation and a fast rate of speech due to stroke, brain injury, acquired stuttering, Parkinson’s Disease or other neurological condition. Speech Pacesetter allows the user to choose a text and pace their reading rate with the help of a speed-adjustable visual cue in order to improve speech clarity. There is a choice of three visual cues (a bouncing ball, a highlighted text cursor or the gradual appearance of text). The user may choose to have the visual cue for each syllable or each word and reads the syllable or word aloud as the visual cue appears. A metronome sound cue may also be added. The user may also use the Pasteboard feature to copy and paste any text of their choice and have visual and sound cues for each word in the text. Speech Pacesetter is a very useful professional speech therapy tool, ideal for use in clinic and home practice.